10 Most Scariest Place in the World

When people think about scariest place, then they are bound to think about haunted places which look gloomy or where people have died natural or unnatural way. These places can bring rise to goose bumps on any strong and fearless people because they have a scary and haunting aura around them. Even people who do not believe in ghosts or paranormal things can shiver in fear. This world is filled with such places which will make you shiver from your head to toe. Just by thinking about these places you would want to hide in your closet or under your bed. Let’s have a look at the top 10 scariest place in this world.

1) Tower of London:

The stones of Tower of London hold many secrets of the ancient period. Many ghosts and souls are believed to be haunting this particular building. One of the well known ghosts is a woman named Anne Boleyn, wife of King Henry VIII. She was beheaded due to treason against the king. It is said that her ghost carries her beheaded head and roams around the tower. The other ghosts that are rumored to haunt this tower are the ghosts of Sir Walter Raleigh, Thomas Becket and Henry VI. Obviously, the place where many murders, execution and tortures were carried out is bound to give you creeps.

2) Paris Catacombs:

A scary underground path is bound to scare people. On top of that, if it has ghosts, spirits and bones of dead people then you have got yourself one of the scariest places in the world. The Paris Catacombs is a long tunnel that runs underneath the streets of Paris. This is the place where people of Paris place the bones of dead people. When the city started to run out of places to bury people, they started to transfer the remains of dead people from the city’s cemeteries to this tunnel. It is estimated that about 6 million to 7 million bodies are placed here.

3) Hashima Island:

Everyone is scared to enter an abandoned building, then just imagine how would you feel if you were about to go to an abandoned island? Hard to imagine it, isn’t it? In the past, this Japanese island was used as a coal mining facility and huge number of people used to reside here. But, as petroleum started to replace coal, people started to abandon this place and thus it gained the name “Ghost Island”. It is also a well known fact that thousands of prisoners who were forced to work in the mine had died in this island. Since the abandonment of the island, all there is left here are abandoned buildings, belongings and a creepy silence.

4) The island of dolls:

Dolls are cute to play with but, an island filled with hundreds of mutilated dolls cannot be described as cute. Yes, there is an island of dolls in Mexico where almost all trees are decorated with dolls. This island holds a sad story. A person name Don Julian Santana had placed these dolls on the trees to prevent a ghost of girl from haunting him. The said girl had drowned in the canals. These dolls were like a shrine to the ghost of that girl. Later on Don Julian died by drowning.

5) Pluckley:

Pluckley is rumored to be a haunted village of Kent. Many ghosts are said to be haunting this village. A man who had fallen to his death, a woman who had accidentally set herself on fire, a schoolmaster who was hanged are few of the people whose spirits haunt this area. The residents no longer seem to be surprised, when they hear toe-curling screams.

6) Aokigahara:

Aokigahara popularly known as Japan’s Demon Forest and Suicide Forest is one of the scariest places to die. Many people have given up their life in this place and that is why, it is one of the forests that are famous for suicide. This alone should give you goose bumps. But, there is still more story related to this forest. Legends has it that in ancient times, many family had abandoned their family members in this forest, who later died due to starvation. The people who were abandoned are rumored to be haunting the forest. On top of that, the place is itself, very scary.

7) The North Yungas Road:

What is scarier than the “Death Road”? It is a road that connects La Paz to Corioco. Thousands of people have fallen to their death while using this road. The places where vehicles had fallen are marked by a cross. On top of that, heavy rain and fog are common in this area.

8) Pripyat:

When a happy and bustling town is abandoned by people then it turns to an abandoned town. This is the story of Pripyat town in Ukraine. After the town was hit by Chernobyl nuclear disaster, it turned to a ghost town. There is nothing left in this town, other than terror environment, empty buildings, abandoned vehicles and a silent amusement park.

9) Borley Rectory:

Borley Rectory also known as Britain’s most haunted house will give you a terrifying feeling when you enter it. It was build to be a church and monastery. Legends have it that a monk fell in love with a nun and they were planning to elope. However, when the monastery’s elder found out about their plan they were so agitated that they hung the monk and burned the nun alive. As a result, their spirits are said to be haunting this house till this date.

10) Tuol Sleng:

The walls of Tuol Sleng have heard the screams of hundreds of innocent people who were mercilessly tortured by being skinned alive and having their internal organs removed. Many victims were Cambodian, but, some of them were foreigners as well. The spirits of nearly 17000 victims roam the areas of this place and it is also heard that many odd things happen around this place.





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